Full Moon Cleansing: Let Go & Awaken Your Light

Just the other week was the Summer Solstice, and a few days to follow that was the Strawberry moon (talk about an energy craze!), so you know yo' girl The Spirit Chick had to write a post all about these two phenomenas (even if it was late... don't judge me). This is a summer full moon cleansing tutorial, but we're gonna incorporate The Summer Solstice & the Strawberry Moon in there as well to really activate the senses!

All About The Summer & Solstice: 

We all know that the Summer Solstice is often seen as the official 'start' of summer, followed by the longest day of the year. But what a lot of people fail to realize is the spiritual aspects of the solstice as well, and what all is going on outside of the scientific.

On the Summer Solstice every year I like to do a cleansing and a release of energy. To many ancients cultures, such as the Egyptians, for example, this day was a day of rituals & honoring of the Gods. While of course it is to each their own & many people see this day as nothing more than the average, my personal belief tells me that this is a day of celebrating the eternal light of the sun & of ourselves through a cleansing. 
But on top of celebrating the suns light, I also like celebrating our own internal light that burns, and burns, and burns. Now, the reason I say, "awaken your light" is because that's exactly what we're going to do. We all have an inner light burning for the eternity of our existence inside & outside of our physical form. This is known as our soul, and when you truly awaken your soul to the full extent, you ignite who you are without any further boundaries.

The summer itself also represents many things in a spiritual sense; freedom, happiness, and above all us - letting go. Letting go of all the things of the past, and maturing into our future, or the autumn months. This is yet another reason I love to conduct this cleansing throughout the summer.

All About The Moon

But before we get into that, what about the Strawberry moon? What correlation does this have with the cleansing? The belief in ancient culture, such as with Native American Tribes, was that the Strawberry Moon represented the peak time to harvest, but we're going to focus on something a little different with it. No, the moon doesn't turn into a strawberry on this night (imagine how cool that'd be though), but it does have a lot of spiritual energy behind it. 

For those of you that may not know, the moon is an enormous conductor of energy. Basically, all natural resources like the moon, the sun, water, wind, the earth etc. all have an extremely high amount of natural energy, which is said to not only influence paranormal activity, but also have an effect on ourselves as well. This is because we are made of this same natural energy, and when it is so heavily concentrated on us, it can have quite the influence on our own energy field.

It's kind of like when you go outside in nature, you generally feel calmer, happier, and the energy is just different, right? It becomes a natural relaxer & stress-reliever, and that is because your energy is being influenced & cleansed by the same natural energy that is within you. And let's not forget scientifically about those negative ions helping us out too, yo' (you can read more about negative ions & their influence on us here).

To sum it up, the moon can have all of us acting a little crazy, making us more on edge with our emotions, our choices, and our mentality overall (the moon makes even the guys have major PMS - sorry, not sorry, fellas!). 

But because there's such a smorgasbord of energy right now, and the moon is the perfect time to not only utilize for healing, charging crystals, cleansing away the old & bringing in the new, now is the best time to preform this unique cleansing. No,  you do not need to be psychic or sensitive to do this, all you need to do is trust the process, and fully believe in what you are doing. In other words, let the energy guide you. :)

You can do this whenever, but I would recommend you conduct this session on the next full moon to truly absorb all the energy around you. 

What You Need For The Cleansing: 

Sage/Palo Wood (optional)
A Candle/Lighter/Fire

Step one: Sit in a quiet space away from distractions. You can do this alone or with friends, but make sure you are all focused. You can even put on some meditation music in the background to help you find your focal point.

Step two: Clear your mind. Don't think about work tomorrow or all the things you have to do this week - clear your mind of all this meaningless clutter. Having all of this in your mind is what often clogs our Third Eye & makes it hard for us to connect spiritually, so we must maintain as much control over this as we can. Focus on your breathing - in and out slowly. This will help you find your center.

Step three: After you have found your focus, I want you to write down a list of all that bothers you, all that you don't like about yourself, and all that still plagues you from the past. Basicially, all the unnecessary baggage that you carry. No matter who you are - you have something you carry with you that you don't need anymore! Write every single thing down even if it's just 3 things or 100. We're going to release these into our eternal flame, so you need to focus on only these thoughts right now. Read these aloud if you are comfortable, otherwise, read them in your head, focusing for a minute on each one.

Step four: Once you're done with that, I want you to make peace with the problems the best you can (and I know that is easier said than done - take as long as you need for this). But I want you to start focusing on redemption, and truly letting go. Focus now on the light at the end of the tunnel, not what's behind you or the shadows that are to your side - look only ahead at this light. You need to recognize that these negative things you carry no longer serve you, they only bring you down. They did happen, & you cannot change it now, so there is no use in holding onto it any further. Picture in your mind these bothersome worries being carried far away from you in a breeze, or like you're taking shower & they are all washing off. Just remember, these things have made you who you are today, but they do not define you

Once you are content, whether it takes 30 seconds or 30 minutes, toss this piece into the fire to be released from you once and for all. Envision that as you let go of that paper, you let go of these worries, the pain, the darkness. I like to do this at a bonfire, as fire is a very powerful & spiritual element, but you can even just use a small candle (but be safe!). As soon as that paper catches fire, picture these worries being taken off into the clouds with the smoke, never to bother you again. The natural power of the moon has the power to cleanse you, and that's exactly what it does. You are free now, and the warmth of the fire is the peace & happiness that is starting to entire back into your life.

You will no longer carry around these burdens. 

Step five: Once you truly feel at peace, we're going to grab another piece of paper. But this time, I want you to focus on the things you like about yourself, the things that make you happy, and the things you wish to manifest in the future. This can be as simple as wanting to be happier, or as detailed as your career choice, or living situation. Whatever it is, put your full energy behind this as you write it. Remember, you have the power to manifest this - only you. This is not the same as wishing on a star - you have to mean it & be willing to put your energy behind working for it everyday. I know it can often be hard to fully trust in it, but you have to do your best.

If you are having trouble doing this, picture yourself in your favorite place with your favorite people or favorite memory - just focus on all that makes you happy for a while before you write your list. This will help you to focus & truly feel the purity of which we are about to manifest. Take your time with this and when you are ready, we can move onto the next step. :) 

Step six: Once you do this, it is the same process as before: take as long as you need, focus on your intention, and release it into the fire. Let the smoke be the guide to manifesting all that is good back into your life. This smoke now acts as a cleanser, and a messenger of the eternal light providing us with a joyful & free future.

Step seven: If you are content, now is the time to use your sage or palo wood. We want to make sure everything is cleansed off of us so that we are open to bringing in all this good energy, so I like to add this step as an extra booster! Remember, you can not bring in higher vibes into your energy bubble if you are clouded with lower vibes. So to do this, we must first begin with our intention. What are we trying to do? The generic answer would be cleanse away all that does not serve us, and bring in the good - but if you have a specific issue you still feel with you that you want to get rid of, focus on that instead.

Step eight: As you light your sage, focus only on this intention, and catch your mind if it starts to wander. The only way for our intentions to truly come true are for us to put our full energy behind them. 

Step nine: You can do this in your head, have a friend help you, or speak aloud. Repeat a short anaphora like this example: Negative energy; energy that does not serve me; energy that plagues me & tortures me - you must leave now. I am a powerful being of only the highest form of light & you need to leave. I command you in all that is good to be cleansed from my body, my space, my aura & to never to return. This sage smoke is pure, & it is pushing you & all that is not pure away. It is surrounding me with white light; a warm, happy, and healing energy. My guardians are here, my family on the other side is here, and so are my protectors. The white light, the pure light of warmth & happiness is here, & it is protecting me." 

Wait until you feel lighter, then you can say something along the lines of, 

"As this flame burns and this smoke surrounds me, I am protected, and my visions, my dreams, my intentions are all manifesting before me. The internal light with me & the power of the sun & the moon, I am calling you to burn away all that does not serve me. I am spiritual being of the earth, & I wish to be freed once more. As this flame burns, my future ignites. I will achieve everything I hope to, I will find my destiny, and above all else, I will find my happiness. I am finally free, the white light of the summer moon has cleansed me, and I am surrounded with positive energy now and forever."

It doesn't have to be exactly like that, let it be unique to you & what you feel you need to say, this is just a basic outline. As long as you believe & trust in what you are doing, it will work.

After you feel at peace, you can let the remaining smoke drift away, acting as an additional cleanser to your space and your energy. 

Now, let me ask you - how do you feel? Do you feel lighter? Warmer? Happier? A head rush? A vibration in your gut? 

If so, your cleansing worked. :)

If you still feel weighed down, heavy, depressed, anxious etc. You should do the cleansing again, and for longer (if you need additional help - message me :)). Sometimes the cleansing needs to be done multiple times before it will be effective, it is not your fault if it needs to be done again. You can even do it again right after you just did one, or even daily to help you ensure you are fully cleared. 

You can now give thanks to the spirits, the sun, the moon, & the energy around you that have helped you to do this. I like to do this through meditation at the end, to truly seal all that we have just done & not take without giving back, but a simple 'thank you' with true heart behind it will also suffice. 

Just remember, focus on cleansing away the bad, bringing in the new, and awakening your inner light. This recipe will help you to truly cleanse yourself, your environment, and your aura. Once it is over, you will feel very free. But remember, this isn't just about cleansing, we are celebrating our internal light in the purest way possible - by letting it be free of the clouds of negativity that have no purpose being there. 

Free your soul, free your inner light, and you will always be free. 

 x x x

~ Photo credit goes to all rightful owners. ~


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